Meet Steve & Tina

My husband and I have always been involved with some sort of farm animal; as we were both raised in and around farming. Following marriage, children, etc., we continued to get our beef from my uncle, who raised Holstein steers as a hobby and supplied most of the extended family with meat each year. When he and his wife retired and sold their small farm, we purchased a few Hereford steers to raise. My mother-in-law had a small flock of sheep; not that we ate any of them. But they were still part of the family hobby farm along with a few dozen chickens and a few goats.

After a few years, we had heard about longhorns but didn't know much about the breed. We started to Google longhorns in Pennsylvania and the first name that popped up was Aaron Strickhouser. Steve contacted him and made arrangements to meet and see some of his cattle. In March of 2012, we purchased our first three longhorns; Bama Shadow, Fire Shadow, and Hopper along with a half breed mixed with Coriente. We had no idea what we were getting into, literally! But, as time passed and we started researching more on the breed and meeting more longhorn breeders, it became apparent we were hooked on this breed of cattle. Some of my most relaxing moments are just sitting on the deck watching the herd.

We don't often get the opportunity to travel to Longhorn sales or shows. Our work schedules are very hectic. Steve works for PPG Industries and is on a swing shift that only allows him one weekend a month off. I am a retired paramedic, but am very busy as a homemaker and babysitter of two very active granddaughters. We are members of NETLA, TLMA, and ITLA. We attend a few shows each year; entering in the non-haltered divisions. When we do get to attend events, we thoroughly enjoy them. Aside from the longhorn events, we travel about twice a year to Colorado to visit our daughter and her family. Two grandsons enjoy grandma and grandpa too!

We are still very new to this venture. We have a lot to learn and are constantly researching. Our herd is small, but we are striving to improve it each and every day. This is what makes it fun and exciting. Our goal is to produce quality animals in our program that have horn, color, confirmation, and disposition (the total package).


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